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Me and Her:


             is a series of work which sprung from my immediate exposure to a very different culture when I moved out of India into the west for the very first time. With my physical roots displaced, and a loss of touch with myself, these works are frantic attempts to discover the many selves that we are.  It was two different worlds that I was confronting and I also had to live in them simultaneously.

oh! thats how it is
20.'Hathi mungi '2
19.'Hathi mungi' 1
18.'Falling in falling out'
17.'Look at me look at her'
16. Details of 'Me and her'1
15.'Me and her'
14.'The exits'
12.'The threshold'
11.Detail of 'whos next' 2
10.'whos next'
9.'Fall in fall out'1
8.'Standing on one leg'
7.Lies in my head together
6.'who will marry a flat head'
5.'The bald Bride'
4.'She marries me'
3.'I have no...'3
2.'I have no...'2
1.'I have no...'1
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