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2 samosas for a dollar :


   These drawings provide an insider’s glimpse into the life of the Indian diaspora in the western world. The ambivalent state of what to retain and what to let go, the constant juggling between the duos of beliefs and experiences, holy truths and existing facts, society and individuality, are some things that the samosas confront on clearing immigration from their home country.

With ABCD and FOB Samosas
Tea and biscuit time
She has Eczema!
Saving the day time
Samosa seeds
Samosa and Chai
remember the festivals!
Permanent residents
Penny saved
Over the pond!
NRI Samosa
No to Mercedes and no to Toyota
Labor room
Its Mating season
Instant Kitchen
Home sweet home
Genetically Improved GM Samosas
Export Quality Besan
Culture shots
Completely dressed
Call India for only 3cents per min
Brother samosa's love to keep the cold at bay
Badhai ho!
baby girl=pink
A metro ride from NYC to Des
A free opera at the Central Park
1$=45Rs copy
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